RunSBY Events (Salisbury Marathon/Salisbury Half Marathon/5k)

Presented by Pohanka of Salisbury Salisbury, MD 21801 US Directions
2021 Guide

Welcome everyone to the 2021 Salisbury Marathon, Half-Marathon, and #RunSBY 5k, presented by Pohanka of Salisbury. We are excited to be your host on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021, and hope that this helps you with any questions.

Should there be any information that you do not find in this guide, please be sure to check the SCHEDULE and FAQ section of the website for updates.


Marathon and Half Marathon (each wave will be assigned and has 200 runners)

               521 S Park Drive, Salisbury – Salisbury City Park Bandstand

               Opening Ceremony – 6:50 am

               Marathon Wave 1 – 7:00 am

               Marathon Wave 2 – 7:15 am

               Half Marathon Wave 3 – 7:30 am

               Half Marathon Wave 4 – 7:45 am

#RunSBY 5k (one wave of no more than 200 runners)

               Main Street and St Peters Street

               Opening Ceremony – 7:45 am

               5k Wave 1 – 8:00 am


This course has an overall 7 hour time limit, and is based off of the Full Marathon. Any runner that falls below a 16 min/mile pace average on course may be removed from course so that we can re-open roadways. This 16 min/mile average will be strictly enforced.

**Based on a final Marathon Start time (last runner over the start line) by 7:25 am, all runners approaching the Marathon/Half-marathon split point at Mile 10.8 AFTER 10:20 am,  will be directed to the half marathon course. They will receive a finish time for the half marathon. **

*The 16 minute/mile pace for the Half-Marathon will begin when the last half marathoner crosses the start mat**


This app is the same used at the Boston Marathon and events throughout the world! With this app you can find out pertinent information such as the schedule for awards, look at the course, take a selfie and, most importantly TRACK YOUR RUNNERS!!!

Be sure to find the app in the Google Play Store or on Apple by searching TCR EVENT MANAGEMENT!!


Q. What is my bib number for the event? Why haven’t I seen any bib numbers? When will I know my bib number?

Bib numbers, and Wave assignments, will occur in the next few weeks. The bib numbers will coincide with the Wave number that you are assigned, based on your estimated finish times. Bibs will be color coded by wave, and we will strictly enforce the wave assignments, as we are restricted in the numbers that we are allowed to gather at one time, in one place.

Q. But how will my friends be able to track me?

A. All runners are already loaded on our app. By going to the LIVE TRACKING section of our app (found under TCR Event Management) you can enter last name and have your family and friends track you!

Q. Where does my bib number go?

A. Your bib has a MyLaps Bibtag timing chip on the backside. Your bib also has YOUR unique bib number to it. In order to accurately track your running AND to ensure that you are able to get all of those great (and FREE!!!) race photos, we ask that you wear your bib number visibly on your chest/waist area. Please do not plan to wear any garments over your bib, as this will make identification for photos more difficult. Please wear the bib horizontally, so that our photo recognition software can read it, and so that the timing chip can accurately be registered on the mats.


There are TWO OPTIONS for packet pickup this year

1)    Drive through Packet Pickup The Night (or two) Before The Race

2)    Bib Mailing Option – Available When You Register for $5


Packet Pickup Locations

Thursday, April 1, 2021     5pm to 7pm      LOCALS PACKET PICKUP

               Location TBD

Friday, April 2nd, 2021      3pm to 8pm       

We will be hosting a DRIVE THROUGH packet pickup. We are working on securing the final location and will let you know as soon as we can. With this, you will present your bib number in your windshield by LEGIBLY writing it on a piece of paper and our staff will hand you your bag. Need someone else’s? Have multiple people in the vehicle? Just write them ALL down!




The City of Salisbury graciously allows for the use of the City Parking Garage for our event on RACE DAY, FREE of charge!!! The garage is located at 110 Circle Avenue, Salisbury, MD.


If you MUST take the shuttle, you will leave from the garage and walk to your RIGHT, where you will meet with the FREE shuttle buses that will take you over to your start line. SPECTATORS are allowed on the shuttles. Should you want a brief warmup, the start line for the Full and Half are less than ½ mile away and can be found at the Bandstand at the City Park (521 S. Park Drive, Salisbury)

Shuttle Service will be from 5:30 am with a final trip leaving around 6:50. Shuttles will pause at the Start area and move SPECTATORS back to the garage after the start of the event.

5k Participants

Your start area is approximately 2 blocks from the Parking Garage. Please do not take the shuttles. You WILL be allowed back to your car at any time.


For the Full and Half-Marathon, we will provide you with a CLEAR PLASTIC BAG to put any clothes or items you would like moved from the start line to the finish line area. Please refrain from putting any valuables in this bag as we will not be responsible for lost or missing bags.

You may ONLY use the bag we provide as these bags are CLEAR for security purposes only. We will have sharpies on site to write your number on the bag, and your bib will also have a detachable tab to affix to your bag with items we will have at the Check in area.

Gear Drop bags will be collected at the Bandstand area of the Start line for the Full and Half ONLY. 5k participants will not have a gear drop area, as you will be parked about 2 blocks from your start/finish area.

Once you finish, you will find your gear bags immediately after the finish line, in numerical order.  Please make sure to have your bib with you for collection of the bag. No other persons may collect your gear bag, unless they have your bib.



We have  EMS Cyclists from Salisbury Fire Department on course,  and to top it all off, all of our volunteers are offered to be trained in HANDS ONLY CPR! Your safety is our goal!

IF you should need any type of assistance and are able to move under your own power, you will be directed to make it either to the next, or previous, aide station, dependent on your proximity. IF you need assistance, please do not continue on course, with the hopes that we will find you. Go to the closest aide station and wait. 


Pacers are provided, as our friends from Beast Pacing will be out there to help you reach your goal. As you line up for the Full and Half Marathon, please look for the pacer for your estimated time.

               Marathon Pacers (hours:minutes)                           3:35, 3:50, 4:05, 4:20, 4:35, 5:00, 5:30

               Half Marathon Pacers (hours:minutes)                    1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45, 3:00


We provide cyclists on course to help to guide runners and to be mobile eyes and ears, should any runner need emergency assistance. ONLY OUR CYCLISTS are authorized to be on course and they are on course for your safety.


Maryland COVID Guidelines only allow for 250 persons to gather at one time, and this number, for events such as this, also include the spectators. We ask that you limit the number of spectators present, especially at the START LINE. This will be the most highly saturated area of people, and we want to stay within our limit. By utilizing the LIVE TRACKING functionality of the TCR EVENT MANAGEMENT app, spectators WILL know when their Marathon and Half Marathon runners are within 1 mile of the finish line, so that they can meet them at the finish. We ask that spectators not congregate at the finish line if their runner is not nearby.

Other than this location,  Spectators are discouraged from parking out on the course. Please understand that we take over a full lane of traffic for most of the race, and disrupt most residents typical day. If we have spectators parking on the side of the road and on people’s yards, then we disrespect our friends and the trust that they have given us in still allowing them to move around the County.

Bicyclists are NOT ALLOWED on course unless they are a part of our cycling team, out there to ensure that all of the runners are safe and not in need of assistance. If a spectator is riding with an athlete, that athlete MAY be disqualified from the course. The rider will be asked, by law enforcement, to leave the course.

IF you would like to be a part of the event and help ALL runners, feel free to check out the VOLUNTEER section of the main website at


Thank you for choosing the Salisbury Marathon, Half-Marathon and #RunSBY 5k events! We hope that this has answered any questions that you may have. If you have addition questions, please feel free to reach out to us at  and we will do our best to answer you in a timely manner.


Looking forward to seeing you all out on course and being a part of this experience with you!


Jason Chance – Race Director

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